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Death & Hardships
Drugs & Alcohol
Love & Dating

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Here is the new chat room where you can talk one-on-one with other teens from all over the world. Must have a Java-capable browser.

This is the place for teenagers to find help from other teenagers who have gone through similar experiences. Click on any topic on the left to view questions. To submit or respond to a letter, click on the appropriate button.
2 May 1998: Question added to "Love & Dating."
30 April 1998: Questions and responses added.
12 March 1998: Responses added.
28 February 1998: Question added to "Drugs & Alcohol."
1 February 1998: Chat Room added.
22 January 1998: CDNOW link and first poll added.
19 January 1998: Responses added.
16 January 1998: Question added to "Death & Hardships."
15 January 1998: Responses added. Teen E·Zine info added.
11 January 1998: This site was created.
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